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BODY ONLY 36v GBH36VF-LIN Bosch SDS-Plus Hammer Drill with double chucks SDS-Plus quick release chuck and 13mm keyless industrial chuck, the Bosch GBH36VF-LIN when coupled with Bosch CoolPack Lithium technology enables the tradesman to experience a superb force in drilling, hammering and chiselling plus the uniquely powerful 3.0-Joule hammer mechanism enables this 36v Bosch Cordless Hammer to compete with any 2 kilo corded hammer. Whether drilling for fixings, through drilling for cables or satellite dish installation, you can get everything done in no time at all with the Bosch GBH36VF-LIN SDS+ Hammer Drill, high speed with the new pneumatic hammer mechanism, means the Bosch GBH36VF-LIN when fitted with suitable Bosch batteries drills as fast as the best 2 kilo mains powered hammer, this versatile Bosch Hammer Drill drills holes in concrete up to 26mm with ease and can even chisel cable ducts with the integrated chisel function, the mobile power pack fitted to this drill gives the operator up to 40% greater work progress than a 24v hammer with the same weight, long running time on the Bosch GBH36VF-LIN allows this machine to drill up to 150 holes with one battery charge (6mm x 40mm in concrete)

Bosch GBH36VFLIP SDS Rotary Hammer

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